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Beauty By TEN Skin for Women

OMG it's finally here! Introducing

"Beauty By TEN Skin" Skin care for women

Women's Skin Care-

Ultra Rich Body Silk - Replenish hydration and remedy dry skin with this rich blend of nourishing emollients and natural moisturizers. Formulated with a rejuvenating blend of protective antioxidants that help to promote cellular function and maintain skin's tone and elasticity. Luxurious and fragrant botanical extracts invigorate, refresh, and leave skin feeling velvet smooth, soft and supple. -Smooths and firms, and helps skin retain moisture -Natural plant oils replenish for an all-over glow -Anti-inflammatory properties derived from Aloe Vera -Hyaluronic acid delivers long-lasting hydration

Normalizing Moisture Creme - This refreshing lightweight moisturizer provides essential hydration, minimizes oil secretions and prevent future skin imbalances. It protects your skin with botanicals that contain antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties. It easily glides onto the skin for quick absorption, leaving it feeling soothed and hydrated. -Reduces oil production making it ideal for oily or combination skin. -Helps to prevent future skin imbalances and irritations -Contains natural botanicals, vitamins and skin-nourishing extracts.

Equalizing Moisture Gel -This weightless, oil-free moisturizing gel is specially formulated to hydrate blemish-prone skin. It contains natural botanicals that help to minimize pores, reduce the production of excess oil secretions, and soothe distressed skin. With carefully selected ingredients including Seaweed, Aloe Vera, and Green Tea Extract, this formula helps to visibly improve uneven skin tone and rough skin texture. -Helps reduce the production of excess oil secretions -Hydrates blemish-prone skin without adding oil or shine -Helps to ease signs of aging -Calms redness and inflammation

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